Developmental Disabilities - Health and Wellness - connecting the disability community to information and opportunities
Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Improve the Health & Wellness of Persons with Disabilities
CDC - People with Disabilities, Leading Healthy Lives
Federal Resources on Disability and Health (Surgeon General)
National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality: Home
National Core Indicators (current Quality Assurance model for APD)
CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership - Florida Health Statistics and Community Health Data

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Cerebral Palsy
United Cerebral Palsy
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Society of America
Autism Speaks
American Academy of Pediatrics Children's Health Topics: AUTISM
Learn the Signs. Act Early. NCBDDD (Autism Awareness)
Autism Spectrum Disorders (Pervasive Developmental Disorders) (NIMH booklet)
American Occupational Therapy Association - Autism Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Intellectual Disabilities
The Arc of the United States
Prader-Willi Association
Spina Bifida Association

National Center for Medical Home Implementation - What is a Medical Home?
National Center for Medical Home Implementation - Autism resources
Resolution on the Maltreatment of Children with Disabilities (APA)
The Family Network on Disabilities of Florida

Training for Providers, Caregivers and Self-Advocates

Yellow Notebook: Navigating the Developmental Disabilities Program (APD)
Planning Ahead (FDDC Guidebook pdf)
APD Provider Training (recommended for all caregivers, including families)
Delmarva Statewide QA Program online training modules (highly recommended)
Virginia Commonwealth University Partnership for People with Disabilities (online training)
VCU Rehabilitation Research and Training Center
Disability Awareness for Human Resources Professionals (VCU, free training module)
Personal Assistance Services in the Workplace (VCU, free online seminar)

University of Kentucky Human Development Institute (training for medical providers)
FYI Transition - provider web-based courses
FDDC Health Care Transition Training
Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders
National Parent Technical Assistance Center Network
Yale Child Study Center - Developmental Disabilities Clinic
Ladders.ORG : Learning & Developmental Disabilities Evaluation & Rehabilitation Services
Pacer Center - champions for children with disabilities (MN)
USF-CARD Online Training and Powerpoint tutorials

Amy Laurent - Video Tutorials for Parents (Autism - SCERTS Model)
Autism Internet Modules

Inclusion, Personal Outcomes and Transition Planning

National Service Inclusion Project
Inclusion: Creating an Inclusive Environment: A Handbook for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities in National and Community Service Programs (AmeriCorps)
Thinking About Outcomes - Personal Resource Guide (Council on Quality) PDF
More on Person-Centered Planning
Center for Self-Determination
PATH Resources
Inclusion Press Books, workshops, online resources for Inclusion
Sample PATH Plan
KIT- Kids Included Together
Let the Fun Begin! Open Doors: Project Adventure - A Training Curriculum for Supporting Children with Special HealthCare Needs and Disabilities in Community Recreation

Florida Center for Inclusive Communities
FYI Transition - information for students, families and professionals
Project 10 - Transition Education Network
Childrens Medical Services - Youth Transition Worksheet
Childrens Medical Services - Teens Transition Planning
University of Washington Adolescent Health Transition Project
TIP - Transition to Independence Process (includes provider training modules) USF

Supported Employment

Partners in Employment (self-paced modules re: SE)
Supported Employment in Florida
Supported Employment (Dept. of Labor)
Florida Choices (Bridges - Career exploration, planning, resumé builder)

Florida Provider Network in Supported Employment
Training Resource Network - Resources to support people with disabilities
Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
VCU Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Workplace Supports and Job Retention
Workforce Investment Act of 1998
Ten Tips to Make Training Work: Training Transfer Tips - How to Help People Apply Training On-the-Job

Central Florida Disability Chamber
Small Business Administration - Small Business Planner
The Association for Persons in Supported Employment
AAMR Fact Sheet on Supported Employment

Rehabilitation Research and Training Center
Best Practices in Transition
Employment Rights as an Individual With a Disability
Center for Self-Determination

SSA Work Incentives
Plan to Achieve Self Support - PASS Plan (SSA)
Writing a PASS Plan
More on Social Security Work Incentives
The Social Security Red Book on Work Incentives

Americas Career InfoNet
O*NET Career Assessment and Exploration Tools
Career Resource Library
Virtual Job Shadowing
Sample Situational Assessment Form

US Business Leadership Network
DOL and worker diversity
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
Study of FL employers
Employer Hiring Attitudinal Research
Employer Perspectives on Hiring and Accommodating Youth in Transition

The Family Network on Disabilities of Florida
Mental Illness and Disclosure
Deciding When, If or How to Disclose Disability to Employers

Job Carving
Features of Job Analysis and Design
Job Accommodation Network (JAN)
Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology
Worker Orientation
Understanding Natural Supports
Tips to Make Training Work
Styles of Communication in Learning

Behavior Analysis Resources
Resources for Behavior Analysis
IHD: PBS - An Overview of Positive Behavior Support
Task Analysis
Tips for Fading from Job Sites
Positive Behavioral Support

O*NET Online
One-Stop Career Centers
Private, for-profit job placement firms
Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Florida Association for Behavior Analysis
Book: Surveying Workplace Culture
Book: Workplace Culture and Supported Employment

The Dynamics of Disability:
ADA Home Page - - Information and Technical Assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act
HHS Office for Civil Rights -- Most Integrated Setting, the Olmstead Decision

Special Education

The Legal Basis for Accommodations and Modifications
Teaching Resources for Florida ESE - Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and Access Points, Accommodations and Modifications
Access Points For the Sunshine State Standards
Florida Alternate Assessment - Information for Teachers (brochure) PDF
Accommodations and Modifications: What Parents Need to Know (FL DOE) PDF
Accommodations and Modifications for Students with Disabilities in Career Education and Adult General Education
Florida Dept. of Education ESE
Professional Development Alternatives (Florida DOE training modules for ESE)
School Solutions Standards Toolbox: State Standards and Teacher Tools
Florida DOE - Alternative Assessments
Inclusive Schools Network
Paula Kluth - Making Relationships a Priority (Inclusive Schooling)
CAST: Differentiated Instruction
Autism - Your Child's Legal Rights To A Special Education

6A-6 : SPECIAL PROGRAMS I - Florida Administrative Rules, Law, Code, Register – FAC, FAW, eRulemaking
The School District of Osceola County, Florida ESE
School Board of Brevard County ESE
Orange County Public Schools ESE
Seminole County Public Schools ESE

UCP of Central Florida
Center for Speech and Language (Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Clinic)
Threshold Center for Autism, Orlando
Princeton House Charter School, Orlando
Conductive Education Center of Orlando

Learning Styles - Learning Effectively by Understanding Your Learning Preferences
Communicating Effectively with At-Risk Students by Janet Harrison, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Childhood Apraxia of Speech: A Speech Pathologist's Guide - Sharon Gretz, M.Ed.

Assistive Technology Resources

Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology
Vizzle - web based interactive visual learning software (has a free trial)


Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida
Guardian Mentoring Association
Lighting the Way To Guardianship and Other Decision-Making Alternatives: A Manual for Individuals and Families

Rights and Responsibilities

Profile of Florida Home and Community Based Services Waivers 2011 (pdf)
Department of Children and Families - Training page
Zero Tolerance - state initiative to end abuse and neglect
DCF HIPPA (privacy rules) training module
APD - Fight Medicaid Fraud
Advocacy Center for Persons with Disabilities
US Dept of Justice - ADA Regulations and Technical Assistance materials
US Dept. of Justice - Guide to Disability Rights Laws (PDF)
An ADA Primer
Judge David L. Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
Florida Rule 65G-8 - Seclusion and Restraint Rules
APD - Seclusion and Restraint Rules
In the Name of Treatment: A Parent's Guide to Protecting Your Child From the Use of Restraint, Aversive Interventions, and Seclusion (PDF)

Faith-based Ministries and Programs

Nathaniel's Hope (listing of special needs ministries)
First Baptist of Orlando Special Needs Ministry
Northland Church Special Needs Ministries

Commissions, Councils and Partnerships

University of Florida » Florida Office on Disability & Health
FL Governor's Commission on Disabilities
Able Trust
Orange County - Disability Advisory Board
National Organization to End the Waitlists (NOEWAIT)
Left Behind in Florida (Advocacy group)
Partnership for Work & Healthcare
UCF-CARD Central Florida Resource Guide

Cultural Diversity

What is Cultural Competency? DHHS Office of Minority Health
Cultural Competency and Health Literacy Resources for Health Care Providers (HRSA)
Cultural Competence
Culture Clues™
Cross Cultural Health Care Program (CCHCP)
Topic 8: Common Beliefs and Cultural Practices
VM -- Reducing the Effects of Low Health Literacy, Jun 03 ... Virtual Mentor


Learn Genetics
Your Genes, Your Health
Genetics Home Reference - Your guide to understanding genetic conditions (National Library of Medicine)
Genetic Alliance (advocacy organization for all genetic and congenital conditions)
Genetics &Your Practice (March of Dimes) Comprehensive training modules
NOVA Online | Cracking the Code of Life | Watch the Program/Advanced Options
NOVA | scienceNOW | Epigenetics | PBS
What do genes do? - OpenLearn - The Open University

Organizational Leadership

The Free Nonprofit Micro-eMBA(SM) Program

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